Data from applications, processes and from productions provide an amount of information that often exceeds our imagination. Big Data - a term that means insecurity rather than potential for many decision-makers. We love data because it provides clarity for us as experts: We search and find potential solutions hidden in both small and large data sets. Competent from experience - successful in practice.


We are a company managed by energetic owners, both of whom bring their experience from international projects and IT consulting companies. Driven by a focus on the speed of action, a high level of identification with the assigned tasks, and consulting our customers at eye level, using language that is understandable for all involved.


We offer solutions and lay the foundation for your decisions. This includes the development of algorithms, software, and products for data cleansing, data analysis, and meaningful visualizations, along with the creation of smart solutions using artificial intelligence. D3 Data Services is prepared for your business needs, serving as both a problem solver and a reliable partner.

Data Driven Decisions

for D3 Data Services, the "Triple D" signifies the ability to identify and utilize essential, insightful data in a complex, data-overloaded industrial world, with the goal of enhancing companies, services, or products to be more efficient and profitable.


D3 Data Services

works for dynamic small and mid-sized companies, that want to elevate their performance and productivity to meet the new, digital challenges of their industries. For companies, that are ready to become data-driven and future-proof and operate with even greater control.

We - Jonas and Johannes

apply experience gained from international Data Science and AI projects. Collaborating with our clients and partners, we leverage our qualifications to identify solutions in a concrete and practical manner.

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